“Sustainable Organizations Educate Employees and Create a Sustainability Culture”

Emirates Consulting Group commits to the utmost standards of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability. We are committed to maximizing our contribution to the UAE’s ambition for an inclusive, net zero economy.

ECG Sustainability Framework and Strategy

Environment Environment

Support the transition to a net zero economy and manage climate change risks

Clients and Stakeholders Clients and Stakeholders

Provide inclusive and innovative services to drive sustainable economic growth

Employee Employee

Establish a flourishing workplace that attracts and retains the most talented and committed workforce

Governance Governance

Operate a responsible business with the highest ethical standards to preserve integrity and trust
Greatest Social Impact is best achieved by collaborating with our clients. We achieve far more than we ever could by maximizing the impact of these collaborative efforts. Partnership is at the heart of our social impact strategy, and it is key to confronting intricate social and environmental hurdles. We seek to maximize our own social impact by enriching and expanding our partnerships, fostering system-level coalitions, and establishing social impact and sustainability as core competencies that are woven into business strategies and thus yield quantifiable returns