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Job Description:

As a Business Acquisitions Manager, you have the primary role of being the hunter of the sales frontline. You are responsible for bringing in new business (new clients), both international and domestic, from a selected profile of key companies and large enterprises. You and your BA team are expected to maintain active and robust pipelines at all times.

Maintaining solid and strong relationships with your newly acquired accounts is a must plus being on top of the market knowledge. You will also partake in projects hand in hand with the PM, Ops, AM departments to make sure client expectations are managed and met. In addition to managing your BA team and ensuring that they meet their targets and KPIs, you will also have targets and KPIs of your own that you need to achieve.

  • Lead and be accountable for the success of commercial project with shipping line or airline.
  • Build internal and external industry network relations and represent carriers as lead expert in logistics industry maintaining and developing direct customer relationships
  • Grow market presence and develop new client portfolio
  • Develop business plan to increase the overall supply chain Share of Wallet in logistics industry
  • Support the overall customer experience to grow our net promotor score
  • Deliver client profitability as per budget
  • Ensure successful business onboarding and contract compliance
  • Adapt to J&T CRM and building strong pipeline we are looking for.
  • Identify new leads, big size new business opportunities and key account prospects to pursue
    and gain.
  • Attend conferences, exhibitions, events, and networking opportunities to spot new key
    prospects to work on.
  • Establish and foster partnerships and relationships with key new clients both externally and
  • Maintain a rich, active, and healthy pipeline that contains large new opportunities and new
    key prospects around the clock.
  • Work hard on closing big deals in a timely manner and constantly improving closing ratios.
  • Prepare, send, and manage proposals to key prospects and clients.
  • Engage in face-to-face meetings with newly acquired clients. Have a monthly visitation plan in
    place that includes both existing clients and prospects.
  • Interact with clients positively to resolve any complaints or conflict that may arise during the
    acquisition and onboarding process.
  • Meets assigned targets for profitable sales volume, market share, and other key financial
    performance objectives. 1Meet set sales KPIs and plans.
  • Ensure that all BA members maintain a healthy and active pipeline at all times.
  • Ensure that all BA members are meeting their individual KPIs and targets.
  • Align and arrange with Management and operations for pre-planned capacity strategies for
    regular and high seasons.
  • Align with Account Management on identifying weak links and client problems and assist in
    resolving them.
  • Assist in collection and credit control when needed in escalation cases.
  • Ensure that the CRM system is continuously updated as per the standard process and that
    integrity of the client data and records is always maintained.
  • Any other projects/Tasks as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, or related field.
  • Must have managed multiple sales teams, in multiple countries, and demonstrated
    exceptional results.
  • Proven experience in building cross country Sales Teams.
  • Knowledge of industry trends and sales opportunities.
  • A track record of delivering annually increasing Sales Results and beating targets.
  • Leadership skills, with steadfast resolve and personal integrity.
  • A solid grasp of data analysis and performance metrics.
  • Be able to diagnose problems quickly and have foresight into potential issues.
  • Outstanding verbal and written skills, and experience working with staff on all levels.
  • Chinese/English speaker is preferred
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