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As a Customer Support Representative, you’ll spend most of your day providing fast and painless customer support via email—this is your core responsibility. You’ll troubleshoot potential bugs, document feature requests, and collaborate with the rest of the team to help elevate the voice of the customer at Company. We won’t overburden you with quotas, empty policies, or unnecessary procedures. Doing what’s in the best interest of our customers is at the heart of what we do. We’ll give you plenty of support to simply do what’s right, no questions asked. Our ideal hire is motivated and what we’re doing as a company, believes in the value of quality customer support, and is eager to contribute to the success of our customers. As someone who is first in line to help, your understanding of the product and our customers will be incredibly valuable for the business.

  • Help existing customers with a broad range of questions about our products and services.
  • Write internal and public knowledge base articles.
  • Collaborate directly with operations team to solve a tough technical problem for a customer.
  • Provide relevant and timely product feedback to other teams.
  • Help develop and refine support process to make sure we’re always improving.



  • You have at least two years of experience working in customer support for a finance company
  • You’re an aspiring generalist with a wide skillset that would allow you to get up-to-speed quickly. Experience troubleshooting iOS and Android devices is a plus.
  • You’re well-versed in the tools of the trade—Zendesk (or similar help desk), JIRA, Google Docs, Slack, etc.
  • You’re an incredible communicator and a great writer. You can take complex subjects and break them down using clear and simple writing. As a remote team, your communication skills are critical to your success.
  • You are organized and self-sufficient. You thrive in an environment where you can do great work independently. You’re someone who enjoys working autonomously and you don’t need much oversight to get things done.
  • When you don’t know something, you try to figure it out. You ask good questions, and you embrace the chance to grow and get better. You are a resourceful problem-solver, with a strong desire to learn.
  • You’re passionate about support and the important role it plays in a company, and you’re excited to continue to sharpen your skills in a customer-facing position.
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