Emirates Consulting Group


  • Languages: Should be able to hold fluent conversation in Arabic as well as English
  • Nationality: Any Arab National

Job Description:

  • Manages all social media channels, campaigns to sustain an engaging audience experience and to increase engagement and online audience satisfaction.
  • Research and analyze social media trends, including social media ad revenue and web visitor data, to improve social media presence and campaign efficacy
  • Community management of the platforms
  • Works in alignment with various departments to promote overall brand through social media channels.
  • Create timely and engaging content optimized for platform used and intended audience.
  • Monitor sites for customer service opportunities and initiate conversations on behalf of the brand.
  • Analyze and report social media actions on a monthly basis for successes and new opportunities.
  • Key Responsibility
  • Oversees Group’s brands social media accounts management and online reputation management.
  • Work closely with the marketing managers and develop a social media strategy and set goals to increase brand awareness and increase engagement.
  • Develops engaging, creative, innovative content for regularly scheduled posts, which enlighten audiences and promote brand-focused messages.
  • Coordinates social media messaging with advertising departments, brand managers, and quarterly or seasonal company goals.
  • Audits and analyzes social media presences, including digital advertising costs and returns.
  • Sharing of reports and actionable insights, based on the monthly analysis.
  • Analyze social media campaigns with tracking systems to gather visitor data and determine efficacy and areas for social media campaign improvement.
  • Works with other departments to develop social media timelines coinciding with new product releases, ad campaigns, or other brand messages.
  • Competition Analysis- Monitors and develops reports on competitor activity within social media spaces
  • Manage relationships and engagement with regional Influencers, Develop and expand community and/or influencer outreach efforts.
  • Analyze campaigns and translate qualitative data into recommendations and plans for revising social media, content marketing, and social advertising campaigns.
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