ECG’s Outsourcing Solution has been established around global standards with full compliance to the UAE labor law. Our outsourcing services are designed to fulfill your temporary and long-term business needs through external resources. 


Our Outsourcing services will provide holistic solutions, with the highest levels of professionalism and efficiency, that will benefit the below aspects of your business: 

Furthermore, ECG’s Outsourcing services aim to provide:

By having ECG as your Outsourcing partner, we can free up your headcount and visa quotas so that you can focus the on critical areas of your business and relieve budget limitations. 

A dedicated Account Manager will be working with you hand in hand, providing exemplary service and expertly advise to ensure all your HR needs (contract administration and compensation, and benefit provisions, etc) are successfully met and managed as part of the service, giving your internal HR team more time to focus on strategic business issues

With our promise to be your T.R.U.S.T business partner, ECG is committed to provide a service that is fully compliant to the UAE Law and will help fulfill your strategic objectives and operational requirements.