If you’re moving to Dubai for work and are looking for the best industries in which to find employment, read on. In this article we list the most promising employment opportunities that locals and expats alike are seeking out.

Work in Dubai

How good is Dubai work?


Dubai is a popular destination for expats to work and enjoy the sun-filled lifestyle. The city is the commercial center of the United Arab Emirates, attracting many companies with large budgets that need to be invested in marketing efforts. With such large companies hiring, there are more job opportunities than ever before for qualified candidates.

Is it difficult to get a job in Dubai?

Dubai’s job market is extremely competitive, It can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to six months to even a year, employers want people who can bring something different to their teams. It’s important to send your resume to companies that do business in your area of expertise. If you’re an expert at something and have experience, then finding a well-paid job in Dubai won’t be too hard!

How to get a job in the United Arab Emirates?

The UAE has experienced significant growth over the last decade, therefore there are plenty of work opportunities to be found.

Start by finding the email address from which you receive job offers and set up alerts for that specific address.

Next, be diligent and regular in searching for new job openings.

Keep yourself updated about your field of work by following industry news on Twitter and LinkedIn.

What industries are hiring the most right now?

Jobs in Dubai, sectors actively hiring:

  1. Information Technology and e-commerce

The IT industry has been a major economic driver in the UAE. With its business-friendly policies, IT start-ups are also flourishing here.

There is a constant demand for programmers and software developers for such businesses to flourish and thrive.

The desirable skills include Web Development, JavaScript, User Interface Design, and Responsive Web Design.

Vacancies in: Information Technology and e-commerce

2. Healthcare and Medical Services

Dubai has increased private healthcare facilities and has become a popular destination for medical treatment due to its competitive prices and excellent quality.

If you are a foreigner, you can work in any of Dubai’s hospitals after obtaining the Dubai Health Authority license. The job market for nursing and supporting staff is booming, with high demand for qualified professionals.

Vacancies in: Healthcare and Medical Services


3. Marketing, Advertising, and PR

In recent years, UAE has seen an exponential rise in digital job opportunities. As the global economy becomes more interconnected, there is an increasing need for professionals who can create and promote content. Additionally, with the “Entrepreneur-friendly” development strategy Middle East governments are promoting, it is becoming easier to run your business from anywhere.

Vacancies in: Marketing, Advertising, and PR

4. Recruitment and HR

The workplace is a stressful environment that demands employees to deliver their best in order to produce, grow and succeed.

Managers and executives are responsible for ensuring their employees are operating in an optimal state so they can concentrate on their work.

Vacancies in: Recruitment and HR

5. Accounting and Finance

Dubai has always been known as one of the most attractive destinations in the world.

Now, more than ever, professional accountants are drawn to Dubai because it is a major financial hub.

In fact, there may be more opportunities than you think – especially if you have your ACCA certification!

Vacancies in Accounting and Finance

6. Tourism and hospitality professionals

The UAE is currently welcoming back many tourists and things are heading towards normal, which means more job opportunities to serve them.

These sectors are among the businesses in demand and are major contributors to the growth of the Emirates. These include tour guides, chefs, host or hostess, and cleaning staff to present the country in the finest way possible

Vacancies in Tourism and Hospitality


Dubai’s job market is tough. It’s important to use your time wisely when searching for work in Dubai. The good news is with a little perseverance and hard work, you will land that dream job.

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