How ECG helped me build my career as an Event Conceptualizer! SHOAIB PATHAN Success Story

Thank you, ECG, for helping me discover a whole new career path that I`m now enjoying as an Event Conceptualizer. I`m indebted to you for showing me the way and opening up this amazing opportunity. Your resources, guidance, and support are invaluable!  SHOAIB PATHAN


Shoaib Pathan is a young, and passionate professional. He possesses a high level of imagination, a positive attitude, and the ability to think outside of the box.

Emirates Consulting Group DIFC Sucess Story SHOAIB PATHAN
Emirates Consulting Group DIFC SHOAIB PATHAN

As a mark of his confidence and commitment to the field, Shoaib has over 9 years of quality experience through working on projects such as Expo 2020 Dubai, Global Village, KidZania, Colors TV, Myntra & Green Gold.

How ECG’s 360 Career Assessment Process Helped Shoaib Land His Dream Job

After the EXPO 2020 project, Shoaib suffered for several months with no job opportunities and was left with little hope of getting hired. In the process of approaching every HR & Recruitment company in Dubai to help him find a suitable job, Shoaib came across ECG through Linkedin and immediately connected with the recruitment team.

ECG promptly responded and invited him to meet with ECG’s team of HR Specialists and Career Advisors for a quick face-to-face interview. This allowed ECG’s team to get to know Shoaib better and effortlessly draw a career map with clearer objectives on how to open new doors for him.

With ECG’s roster of clients from Fortune 500 companies, 360 Career Assessment Process, and dedicated team, Shoaib knew that he is in good hands and that he will land his dream job in no time.

As a result of the straightforward appraisal process of ECG, the team was instantly able to place Shoaib not only in the role that is a perfect fit for him but also with a company that matches his professional values.

Shoaib is now successfully working under Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) as part of the Event Conceptualization Department where he is gaining international exposure to various facets of his field and having breakthrough experiences that are flourishing his creativity and nurturing his passion for innovation.

Emirates Consulting Group - SHOAIB PATHAN
Emirates Consulting Group SHOAIB PATHAN

For Shoaib, this is only the beginning of the road map that ECG had drawn, and laid out for him; a road with a clear path forward, a positive vision, and headed toward success.


When asked what’s his advice to other job seekers, Shoaib proudly answered, “CALL ECG!

ECG’s dedication will definitely make you successful

Overall, Shoaib gave ECG a bright rating of 10 stars for this rewarding experience and gratefully noted how extraordinary and supportive is ECG’s team. He was highly impressed with the smooth and flawless process that ECG had implemented to effectively guide him in the right direction. Shoaib also strongly stated that ECG’s efforts to unlock his real potential were the most vital part of his success. Discovering new capabilities and knowing that he can do more as an individual was fulfilling to him.

ECG is delighted to have guided not only Shoaib but thousands of job seekers toward achieving their career goals.

ECG is committed to going the extra mile for every candidate. ECG believes that your success is our legacy.