1- What is the main reason to set up a company in the UAE? 

    This will help us determine the potential type of company structure you will need for your company.

    For expansion or relocations, please select the country of origin:

    2- Choose Your Form of Business:

    Your Form of Business will help determine which jurisdiction, trade license and business activity will apply to your company.

    3- Are You Currently Residing In The UAE?
    4- How Many Owners/Shareholders Will Your Company Have?

    The number of owners/shareholders your company will have can help in identifying the most suitable legal structure for your company, as well as the number of residence visas you will require.

    5- Choose Your Business Category

    Your business category will help determine which jurisdiction, trade license and business activity will apply to your company.

    6- Choose Your Business Activity

    Choose the business activity that you would like to carry out in the UAE. Aside from helping you identify the location and license that best suit your company, this will also help you get a better estimate of the cost of your company setup.

    7- Choose your preferred type of jurisdiction

    This will have the biggest impact on your final proposal, but is also required based on your choice of activity and whether you need to be based on the mainland or not.

    8- Please choose your preferred Free Zone
    8- Please choose your preferred Mainland Jurisdiction
    Do you require sponsorship?
    8- As you’re not sure about jurisdiction, would you like to schedule a short consultation?

    We will schedule a short, free consultation with one of our company formation specialists to help guide what you need. The quote will not be accurate without the right jurisdiction information

    9- Annual turnover

    What is the current or forecasted annual turn-over for your business in the next 12 months?

    10- Do you have a business plan?

    A business plan is required by banks and some free zones when establishing your company and business bank account. If you don't have one, we can help.

    11- Where do you plan to offer your service?
    12- What type of clients do you service?
    13- How Many Residence / Employment Visas Will You Need?

    In addition to the visas for your shareholders, you can apply for visas for your employees and family members. Please take note that Residence / Employment Visas are mandatory for eligibility to work or reside in the UAE.

    14- Will you also require visas for your dependents?

    Dependents include your family members, nanny or other household staff you may personally employ.

    15- What Type of Office Space Will You Need?

    Depending on the nature of your business, will you need a flexi-desk, a co-working space or an entire office space? This is an important factor in calculating your total setup cost.

    16- Do you already have a name for your business?

    If you have any tentative names, please let us know to check its availability.

    17- Do you already have a logo/brand?
    18- Do you already have a website?
    19- When Do You Plan To Start Your Business?
    20- Do you need assistance with any of the following services?

    ECG offers all services under one umbrella tailored to our clients’ requirements. Let us know if you need assistance with any of the following. Choose as many as you like.

    21- Please provide your personal information so we can send a copy of the estimate to you.

    We will take into account all the information you’ve provided to give you a clear estimate of your business setup.


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